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7 - 11 December 2020

Naveed Sultan is Chairman, ICG, Citi. With over 30 years of institutional banking experience, Mr. Sultan has been at Citi for over 26 years in a range of increasingly senior roles and is currently responsible for leading the digital policy, strategy and advisory practice across all our client segments. This practice advises governments to develop policies to digitize their economies including their financial systems. It also provides guidance and thought leadership to corporates and financial institutions to transform their businesses and operating models to stay relevant in an increasingly digital world. In this role, he also engages in driving the developing markets strategy.


Prior to his appointment to his current role, Mr. Sultan was the Global Head of Treasury and Trade Solutions in Citi's Institutional Clients Group, responsible for managing Treasury and Trade Solutions globally. This multi-billion-dollar business (2019 rev $10.3bn) is one of the largest global businesses within Citi's Institutional Clients Group encompassing integrated working capital solutions including: Trade and Supply Chain, Export Agency Finance, Liquidity and Investment Management, Wholesale Cards Services, Information Services, Receivables, consulting and digital services. It provides solutions to public sector clients, corporates and financial institutions, a client base that includes over 80% of the Fortune 500 global companies, 700+ public sector clients, ~1,400 banks, ~1,600 asset managers and 600+ insurance companies in over 120 countries.


Mr. Sultan is a member of the Operating Committee of the Institutional Clients Group. He chairs the Global Innovation Council for Treasury and Trade Solutions with direct responsibility for our Innovation Centres in Dublin and Singapore.


Mr. Sultan is currently serving as the Chair of the Advisory Board at Imperial College's Centre for Finance & Technology. He has previously served as the elected chair on the Transaction Banking Global Leaders Group of BAFT and served on the boards of Citibank Europe pie, Citibank A.S.,Turkey, LCH.Cleamet and Smart London Board; an advisory board to the Mayor of London. He led the development of Digital Money Index, Digital Money Symposium and the Centre of Global Finance and Technology with the Imperial College. Mr Sultan also established The Centre for Responsible Leadership at Imperial. These are cutting edge and market leading initiatives.


Mr Sultan has wide-ranging experience covering Corporate finance, Banking, Transaction Banking, Operations & Technology and is a regular speaker and author on such topics.


Mr Sultan holds an M.S. in Management from M.I.T's Sloan School of Management as well as an M.B.A. from the Institute of Business Administration, Lahore.

Mr. Naveed SULTAN

Managing Director & Chairman

ICG, Citigroup

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