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7 - 11 December 2020

Manuel is founder and CEO of PowerX, a company with the mission to combat climate change. PowerX is venture-backed by Seqouia Scout Fund, Y Combinator and Antler.

Manuel spent several years working for McKinsey and Company as a project manager. He advised governments and private sector on innovative energy solutions (ie. Power-to-X, hydrogen to chemicals, solar to cooling) and worked with clients from all continents.

Before joining McKinsey, Manuel worked for the World Bank and Morgan Stanley Hong Kong with a focus on renewable energy and intelligence testing. He authored different books and articles, which have been quoted in renown publications such as the World Development Report 2018 (WB, United Nations).

He was a McCloy Scholar at Harvard University (Germany’s most highly endowed scholarship), a Van Beek Scholar at the Wharton Business School and a Haniel and Studienstiftung scholar. He further studied Chinese, mathematics and business at University of Heidelberg and the Rotterdam School of Management, where he holds the highest grade average in history.

Before coming to Harvard, Manuel worked in Somalia, Saudi Arabia, China and India as Chief Information Officer of a global humanitarian aid organization and as adviser of the World Bank, Morgan Stanley and the Ministry of Labor of Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Manuel Schoenfeld

Founder & CEO


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