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7 - 11 December 2020

Starting his career in 1976 at the Siemens manufacturing facility focusing on telecommunication, Gelis worked in R&D, production, PBX systems, planning, logistics organization, and strategic purchasing groups successively. Assigned to Siemens India as CFO and Vice President in 2000, Hüseyin Gelis was selected one of the “Top 10 CFOs” within the Fortune 500 companies in Business Today’s list of 2005. He was assigned as the CEO and President of Siemens Turkey on October 1, 2007. As Chief Executive Officer, Hüseyin Gelis is responsible for overall strategic management and leadership for all Siemens activities in Turkey.

In 2015, he took over the Presidency of TÜSİAD’s Germany Network and became a member to the G20/B20 Turkey Digitalization Task Force. Hüseyin Gelis is also a Board Member of YASED since 2017 and the Vice Chairman as of February 2019. Hüseyin Gelis signed PWN’s CEO Manifesto in Support of Social Gender Equality in 2018 and became an Equality Ambassador. He also acts as a Member of High Advisory Board of Darüşşafaka Association.

Gelis was rewarded the Order of Merit by the German President for his contributions to building economic, political and cultural bonds between Turkey and Germany. 

Mr. Hüseyin Gelis

Vice Chairperson


President & CEO


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