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7 - 11 December 2020

Can leads P&G’s Global Baby Care Product Supply organization, which includes procurement, engineering, manufacturing, customer service, quality, distribution, and innovation program management— an organization of approximately 6,800 employees, and 23 manufacturing plants around the world that are all focused on bringing irresistibly superior products to the world’s consumers at the right quality, service, cost, and cash.

Can joined P&G in 1992 as a maintenance engineer in our FemCare business in Gebze, Turkey. He spent the first 18 years of his career in different manufacturing roles including plant management in 5 different plants (Gebze, Budapest, Claremont, Louveira, Belleville) 4 different continents. He then worked in FemCare, BabyCare, PHC, and HomeCare businesses at the Director level in Geneva, and Cincinnati. His mastery lies in IWS, E2E Synchronization, and business/supply chain integration.

Mr. Can Akçadağ

Senior Vice President, Global Baby Care, Product Supply


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